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Pneuma - 140x80 playmat

59.0 EUR
Fire and air, good and evil, hot and cold, red and blue, the eternal opposites, neither can exist without the other.
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Manufacturer: Dice on Board
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Just like in a board game, you can only win if you have someone to play with and someone to compare your skills with. Without an opponent, you're just yourself and you can be really good, you never know... The name of Pneuma refers to the Greek word, when fire and air unite to keep everything alive and give a person's creative force.

This game mat is incredibly detailed and yet not intrusive. Two colors and their encountering, although it may seem that the blue is already suppressing the red, you don't know if it is not the red that is claiming its space with full force. In the background, if I want, just a good-looking two-color game mat, if I want, it is the surface of a planet, or a firestorm, or the scorching world that is about to freeze. Amazing!

It's time to experience what it feels like to play on a playmat, which covers your whole table and provides a great background for all your board games and also gives you a special experience that you have never experienced before.

The waterproof, particularly fine fabric and the rubber bottom provide a perfect playing surface on your table. With a thickness of 3 mm, it is sufficiently soft, and the stitched and printed edge gives your tabletop games a beautiful frame in addition to its durability.

Make a board game table out of any table!


Méret: 140x80cm (+-1,5cm)
Thickness 3mm
Material Waterproof
Edge Stitched-printed
Bottom Non-slip, rubber


4 rating
Write a review!
Bought this playmat and really happy with it.
The surface is nice and stays in place on the table.

Fits an IKEA norden table almost perfectly.

One thing to note is that the print looks a bit darker in person than in the photo but I prefer it.
Verified purchase
Teljesen más dimenzióba emeli a játékélményt, csak ajánlani tudom mindenkinek :) Nagyon minőségi termék
Ajándékba rendeltem a playmatet, extra gyorsan megjött, és élőben még szebb, mint a kép alapján gondoltam volna. Szuper az anyaga, és nagyon könnyen fel lehet venni róla a kártyákat. Tökéletes, nagyon ajánlom mindnekinek :D
Teljesen más élmény a játék: nem zavar be az asztal mintája, könnyebb felszedni a lapokat, nem kopog és csúszik a kocka. A minta zseniális, nem kihívó, mégis magával ragad. Már az egyszerű memóriakártya játékokat is csak ezen játsszuk. Gratulálok a csapatnak!

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