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Playmat - 120x70 cm

suitable for smaller tables as well.  This large, full-table playmat featuring individual artwork is to be put under every type of board game,

If you play on  a table of this size approximately, these playmates will help transform it magically into a board game table since they offer a perfect  surface for gameplay.  These 3 mm thick playmats made with extra soft water repellent fabric top , stitched and printed edge offer you a premium playing surface. Suitable for average sized board games and almost mandatory for card games , such as 7 Wonders or Chronicles of Crime. It feels so good to withdraw cards from them, to shuffle tiles, not to mention rolling dice… They reduce damage to board game components and make games more comfortable, enhance gameplay experience.

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Black and Blue - 120x70 playmat

A visszafogott, de izgalmas, 3D hatású playmat.
49.6 EUR

Watercolor world - 120x70 playmat

Large playmat suitable for smaller tables as well. A classic map at first glance , but its uncommon artwork makes the board game playmat special.

44.2 EUR