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Oak - 140x80 playmat

59.0 EUR

This is the board game playmat design that fits almost any game. If you've been backfired at the colorful wonders, now you can sit back! This will be it.

Availability: Raktáron
Manufacturer: Dice on Board
Shipping fee: 5.1 EUR


What could be a more natural background for your games than an oak table top? It is rustic, special and so real that you can even discover scratches and defects repaired by the master carpenter with wood grain and discolored over time.

It is a completely different and special feeling to play on the surface of a playmat, higher quality and more comfortable than anything you have tried so far. During board games, rolling the dice, packing the cards, or the markers gives a special experience on the playmat and, by the way, makes it easier to pick up the parts during the game.

The waterproof, soft and particularly delicate fabric helps keep your games intact, and the rubber bottom provides a perfectly non-slip playing surface on your table. With its 3mm thickness, it provides quality space on all surfaces, and the locked and printed edge gives your board games a beautiful frame in addition to its durability.

Make a board game table even out of your kitchen table!

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Méret: 140x80cm (+-1,5cm)
Thickness 3mm
Material Waterproof
Edge Stitched-printed
Bottom Non-slip, rubber


1 rating
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Prémium árhoz prémium termék dukál, amit meg is ad ez a mat. Nagyon jó minőségű a minta, néha észre sem vettem, hogy nem az asztallapon megy a játék. Sokat dob a játékélményen, illetve jó nagy asztalt is szépen lefed. Nekem ez a második mat-em tőlük és nagyon elégedett vagyok velük, a másik egy mérettel kisebb és azt is nagyon szeretem. :) Köszönöm a TJÜ-n levő kis nyereményjátékot a kockadobással, az egy szuper ötlet volt. Szóval aki igényes játékos és szereti megadja a módját a társasos alkalmaknak, akkor legalább egy playmat beszerzése erősen ajánlott. :)

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