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New stuff!

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Triad - 140x80cm playmat

A modern, clean pattern and blue shades catch the eye, but when a tabletop game is placed on it, it quietly recedes into the background.
59.0 EUR

Burgundy - 160x90cm playmat

A extraordinary playmat with an elegant and restrained color, which will provide a perfect background for your board games!
72.4 EUR

Hexa Fire - 140x80cm playmat

The hexagonal shape belongs to the board game world as this playmat will attach to your table after you first spread it out. Dark background, eye-catching hexa pattern and beautiful colors. If you don't put a game on it, it's still damn good!
59.0 EUR

Let's play - 160x90cm playmat

A huge and unique playmat with attractive graphics and an endless pattern in the background. It's so cool on the table, you won't believe it!
72.4 EUR

Parabola Green 140x80 playmat

It starts from green, it almost stops at blue, the background is a restrained endless pattern. Stylish playmat!
59.0 EUR

Shogun No Katana (KS Base edition) board game

- English, KS Base edition - Shogun no Katana (Base Game) with all the unlocked Stretch Goals!* - Feudal Japan, land of mystery, tradition, honor, and sharp steel. The katanas have always been fundamental for the outcome of the battles.
107.2 EUR

Pneuma - 140x80 playmat

Fire and air, good and evil, hot and cold, red and blue, the eternal opposites, neither can exist without the other.
59.0 EUR

De Vulgari Eloquentia board game

- English edition - In De Vulgari Eloquentia, a board game with a special theme, you have to take part in the creation of this new Italian language! But who will provide the knowledge with which you will be able to understand the different dialects?
53.6 EUR

Space Base board game

- English edition - In Space Base, players assume the roles of Commodores of a small fleet of ships.
50.9 EUR

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done board Game

- English edition - Move your knights, erect buildings, and go crusading to spread the influence of your Order. When the Orders get too strong, King Philip will become nervous and disband all Templar orders, ending the game.
67.0 EUR

Shoot the Meeple - 160x90 playmat

Beautiful color gradients, with an endless pattern in the background!
72.4 EUR

Oak - 140x80 playmat

This is the board game playmat design that fits almost any game. If you've been backfired at the colorful wonders, now you can sit back! This will be it.

59.0 EUR